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Greenville reclaims the Cyder Cup on final hole

Greenville won the 2020 Cyder Cup by a point in the annual match with Spartanburg. The Greenville team members included Captain Terry Willis, Bo Ream, Jason Woodard, Chris Eassy, Jeremy Revis, Bryan Newton, Steven Bright, Duff Wagner, Todd Hendley, Matt Mead, Cole Patterson, Bobby Hines, Danny Brock, Zack Moran, Yancey Johnson, Cory Taylor

The annual Cyder Cup match doesn’t usually come down to the last putt on the last hole of the match.

But it did this year. 

Green Valley hosted the annual battle between teams of top golfers from Greenville and Spartanburg. 

Greenville’s Jeremy Revis and Spartanburg’s T.J. Hines were the last pairing on the course playing in what would turn out to be the deciding match. 

Revis had built a 2 up lead on Hines early on the back nine (front 9 at Green Valley). 

The Spartanburg golfer kept the pressure on Revis and by the time the match reached it’s seventeenth hole (number 8) the two golfers were tied.

Both golfers parred the eighth hole which meant Revis could secure the Cup for Greenville by halving 18 while Hines needed to top Revis if Spartanburg was to repeat.

The two golfers had birdie opportunities on the final hole, but neither was able to convert and their match ended in a tie giving Greenville the Cup for the tenth time.

Jeremy Revis sinks his par putt on the final hole to win the Cyder Cup for Greenville.

“I think everyone enjoys playing in a close match like this,” said Greenville captain Terry Willis. “I can only think of one other time it was close, but it didn’t come down to the final putt,” he added.

It had been a year since the Spartanburg Cyder Cup team trounced Greenville to win the annual match up. Spartanburg earned an 8 point win with a 19 ½ to 11 ½ victory in 2019.

“I think we remembered what happened last year,” said Willis. “The guys who were on the team were a little embarrassed by the way they played,” he offered. 

Spartanburg team captain Todd Whitehead (right) presents the Cyder Cup to Greenville captain Terry Willis. (GolfClub Photo)

This year’s field included 13 golfers who had won either a Greenville or Spartanburg County amateur title. 

“When we put the lineups together I could tell that both teams had some really good golfers. The guys who play in this know each other and we had a good idea of what each team could do,” said Willis. 

The teams were selected by using the order of finish in each county’s Amateur championship.

The rest of the field of 16 golfers was completed by adding seniors and a few captain’s picks to round out the roster. 

The teams opened with best ball matches that left each side with 4 points after the morning rounds on Saturday. 

The afternoon pairings played alternate shot and Greenville was able to take a 1 point lead going into the Sunday singles. 

The individual matches ended with each side earning 7 wins. 

Greenville leads the all-time series record with 10 wins to 6 wins for Spartanburg. One match ended in a tie. (GolfClub Photo)

Greenville winners were Jason Woodard, Steve Bright, Duff Wagner, Terry Willis, Bobby Hines, Danny Brock and Yancy Johnson. 

The Spartanburg singles winners were Matt Wilson, Kevin Roberts, Tyler Macolly, Brian Kennedy, Jonathan Thomas, Carter Davis and Robbie Biershenk. 

The match between Zach Moran and Carter Ridgeway ended in a tie. 

The final round of singles featured a match up between Spartanburg County champion Kevin Roberts (left) and Greenville County champion Chris Eassy. Roberts won the match 2 up. (GolfClub Photo)

Each team raised money for First Tee Upstate. The competition in the fund raising battle was almost as close as the scores on the course. 

Both teams helped raise a total of $28,000 this year which set a record for money raised by the event. 

“With all the covid stuff we were prepared to have an off year, but the guys got out there and found sponsors who believe in The First Tee and set a record,” said Willis. 

First Tee Upstate has programs for young golfers in Spartanburg, Cherokee, Greenville and Anderson at a total of 16 locations.

As it has been for many public service organizations, it has been difficult to raise funds for First Tee Upstate. 

Two of its biggest signature events had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. 

“Our programs took a hit in the spring when people were first dealing with the situation,” said Michael Pius, the executive director of First Tee Upstate. “Like everyone, parents were not sure if it was safe for kids to be involved,” he said. 

As everyone started to adjust their lives to the COVID 19 realities, parents saw First Tee Upstate was committed to providing safe instruction by following CDC guidelines.

The number of kids in the program began to grow again for the fall. 

“I think parents can see golf is one of the safer sports. Our fall classes have seen a boom in registration. We will end up a little down for the year, but all things considered we have done well,” he added. 

The series between the two counties now stands at 10 wins for Greenville, 6 wins for Spartanburg and one tie. 

“We are all glad we can make an impact helping with the sponsorship. It is important, but just as important is the fun we all have in playing. Once a golfer has played in this event they want to come back and play again. It really is something very special,” concluded the winning captain.

Scores from the Cyder Cup are available here

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  1. This is not even close to the reality of the last match Stan, I was 2 down with 5 to play and came back to halve the match. We both bogied the 17th we were told that all Spartanburg had to do was halve the hole, seems a little biased reporting, but not all surprised seems the easiest quickest story usually flies these days… TJ Hines

    • Sorry TJ, I got confused with the scorecard and missed that you started on the back 9. I’ve fixed it on the web site as soon as I realized I missed the starting hole. Like you I got some bad information on the finish. By the way, save the biased reporting and easiest crap BS. I don’t know what you do for a living, but the law of big numbers says you may have screwed something up at least once. I made a mistake I’m sorry and I fixed it as soon as I could. It isn’t some plot it was an error. If I ever see your name attached to anything in the future I’ll be sure to triple check. Thanks for your note.

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