First Tee tees off at Flour Field

Golfers will have the opportunity to test their game on the baseball diamond at Flour Field. The special opportunity to hit shots to target areas is a fund raiser for First Tee Upstate. Golfers need to register for their tee times on September 24th and 25th by going to http://www.firstteeupstate.org/thelinks.

Baseballs are usually flying around and out of Flour Field in Greenville, but later this month the horsehide will be replaced by balata.

First Tee Upstate is staging a unique fund-raising event. Golfers will get the opportunity to hit golf balls around the playing field.

“This is a fund-raiser that has been held in a lot of baseball stadiums around the country,” said Michael Pius, the Executive Director of First Tee Upstate. It is different and fun,“ he said.

Attendees will purchase “tee times” and hit three shots at each of the six hitting areas toward three targets in the outfield. 

The six hitting areas include hitting from near the playground area, near The 500 Club, atop “The Green Monster”, from Home Plate on the field.  

Tee times will be every 15 minutes and the estimated time to complete “the course” will be one hour.

The cost of tee times will depend on the time of day selected. 

Golfers can see how their game fits into Flour Field during a special fund-rasier for First Tee Upstate,

There will be times of the day that will be designated as “Family Time” and the evening hours “The Links at Fluor Field” will be turned into a Glow Golf Course. 

From 12pm to 7pm on Friday and Saturday from 10am to 7pm the cost is $125 per player which includes a hamburger meal or two beers.

Playing during the Glow Golf Tee Times on Friday and Saturday from 7:15 to 9:15 will cost $150 per player and include an open bar.

Spectators are welcome to watch the event for $5 each.

All golfers will receive a “Links at Flour Field”swag bag and a chance to win  a portion of over $500 in prizes and the title of the first “Links at Flour Field” champion.

“Tee times are on sale and we are  expecting to sell out fast with a capacity of 364 players,” said Pius.

Tee times, reservations and information is available at: https://www.firstteeupstate.org/events/thelinks/

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