High School Golf

SC High School Upper and Lower State Qualifiers

Golf is a game everyone wants to win, but sometimes even if you don’t finish on top some sense of accomplishment can come from a shot, a hole a score or a good finish.

For some teams only a state championship will be a measure of success, but for others making the field to compete for a championship can be an important accomplishment.

We wanted to make sure all the teams and golfers who have advanced to the Upper and Lower State qualifying tournaments are recognized for getting this far.

We have asked host schools and or participating teams to please forward their tee sheets to us for inclusion in this post.

If you don’t see your listing here, please send it along to us at email: golfclubsc@gmail.com or text to 864-921-5471.

And let me ask for one more favor, while we hope to get the results from each tournament’s host, we can never get enough information or pictures.

When you complete play, please take a minute and send us whatever you think is important to your team or golfers and we will attempt to post as much information as we receive

Thank you for your help Stan Olenik

Upper State AAAA Stoney Point in Greenwood

A.C. Flora from Columbia won the 2021 AAAA Sate Championship.

Live scoring will be available for the Upper State AAAA Tournament at https://birdiefire.com/tournament/109534/

Upper State AAAAA at Springfield Golf Club in Fort Mill

Boiling Springs won the 2021 South Carolina AAAAA Championship.

There will be live scoring available for the Lower State Tournament https://birdiefire.com/tournament/109072/

Upper State AAA at Saluda Valley in Williamston

Woodruff won the 2021 South Carolina AAA Championship.

Lower State AAA at Camden

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