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Spartanburg leads Day 1 of the Cyder Cup at Green Valley

The first two rounds of the 19th Annual Cyder Cup Matches at Green Valley on Saturday turned into a good day for the guests.

Team Spartanburg took an 11.5-4.5 lead over Team Greenville with two strong sessions.

Spartanburg held a 5.5-2.5 advantage after Saturday’s early best-ball matches.Dustin Adair and Steven Calicutt were first on the scoreboard for Spartanburg with a dominant 7&6 victory over Matt Mead and Jared Crane.

Robbie Biershenk and Reed Bentley followed shortly after, with a 3&1 victory over Jeremy Revis and Crawford Reeves.

Nelson Dickson and Jeffrey Horton beat Danny Brock and Matt Hopper 2&1, Carter Ridgeway and Landon Hames took a 2-up win over Chad Siefert and Bobby Powell.

Seniors Brian Kennedy and Ronnie Pruitt beat Terry Willis and Ron Clontz 1-up.

Spartanburg team captain Todd Whitehead (right) and Greenville Captain Terry Willis have been handing the Cyder Cup back and forth over the years. Greenville leads the series 10-7 with 1 tie. (GolfClub Photo)

Greenville answered in the early going with Raymond Wooten and Spencer Cole’s 4&2 victory over Brad Thorne and Andrew Hall, while Brian Newton and Doug Appleby beat Hunter Parks and Kyle Milner 2&1.

Greenville’s Yancey Johnson and Mike Caprio halved their match with Spartanburg’s Todd Whitehead and Max Fain.

Team Spartanburg threatened to turn it into a rout in the afternoon Modified Alternate Shot session, scoring six points in the eight afternoon matches..

Biershenk and Bentley took just 12 holes to close out Revis and Reeves 7&6.

Dickson and Horton got their second win of the day, beating Revis and Reeves 4&3.

Kennedy and Pruitt joined the list of 2-0 teams with a 6&4 win over Johnson and Caprio. 

Thorne and Hall beat Siefert and Powell 2&1, with Parks and Milner defeating Mead and Crane 1-up.

Wooten and Cole continued their strong play for Greenville, picking up the side’s only full point in the session with a 3&2 win over Ridgeway and Hames.

Adair and Calicutt halved with Newton and Appleby, while Whitehead and Fain halved with Willis and Clontz.

The event will conclude with Sunday’s individual matches. Tee times begin at 8:15, with groups teeing off on Nos.  1, 15, 16, 17, and 18.

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