CGA Opens Hall of History


The Carolinas Golf Association cut the ribbon to open the Hall of History at its headquarters in Southern Pines, NC>

The rich history of golf in the Carolinas now has a home. The Xan Law Jr. Hall of History opened for the first time on February 10th.

The collection of clubs, scorecards, pictures, trophies and people who have made the Carolinas one of the most historic golf areas in the country.

“It has taken us about three years to get the funding together and then to develop the Hall,” said Lawrence Hicks the CGA President. “The big boost we got was from the Xan Law dinner we held at Quail Hollow in 2016. It raised a quarter of a million dollars and this would not have been possible without that contribution,” he added.

Law unfortunately passed away shortly after the dinner, but his memory as a friend of golf in the Carolinas is well represented at the new museum.

Golfers from all over the Carolinas contributed items to the hall. In fact the space for the display not only fills the Hall, but most of the halls in the Carolinas Golf Association headquarters in Southern Pines, NC.

Not only are trophies displayed, but descriptions of events, players and milestones in Carolinas golf is on display. The accomplishments of famous amateurs like Bill Joe Patton and Bill Harvey are displayed next to those of Carolina pros like Jay Haas and Lucas Glover.

The Hall of History is open to the public during business hours of the Carolinas Golf Association located across the street from the Mid-Pines Golf Club.




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