Holes In One – Upstate Aces

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December 2021 Holes in One

Ben Gramling, Village Greens, #6, 111 yds. PW. 7th Hole-In-One.

Carl Bross, The Club at Brookstone, #11, 104 yds. Rescue Wood. Witnesses Gene Snyder and John Dotson. 3rd Hole-In-One.

Jim LaRue, Walker Course, Hole #17, 104 yds. PW. Witness – Rick Hamilton

Keith Weaver, Walker Course, #17, 175 yds. 9-iron. Witnesses – Rick Adamek, Trey Adamek, Jimmy Turner

Lakeview had two holes-in-one on the same day, in the same group, and in the same family.
Claude Black smoothed a 5 wood in from 120 and Adam Black eased a 9 iron in from 140.

Mike Tomas, Willow Creek, #7, 109 yds. PW. Witnesses Tommy Plaster, Rich Martin

Richard Soares, Walker Course, #4, 145 yds. 8-iron. Witnesses Wade Twerian, Warren Schnitt, Karl Brutigam.

Tom “Tweaky” Kitchen, Links O’ Tryon, #7, 126 yds. 8-iron.

Matt Swann, Woodfin Ridge, #8, 142 yds.6-Hybrid. Witnesses Jim Shu,Richard Guzinya

Matthew Madison, Walker Course, #12, 151 yds. 8-iron. Witnesses Kathy Tremann, Gayle Baldwin.

Martin Brier, Pickens, #5, 135 yds. PW. Witness Robert Dobbins.

Jim Moran, Links O’ Tryon, #7, 126 yds. PW.

Amber Amaker, Woodfin Ridge, #5, 172 yds. 5-iron. (Second ace on the same hole) Witnesses Bobby Amaker, Randy Wall, Ralf Norton

Joseph Halsey, Southern Oaks, #4, 155 yds. 9-iron. Witnesses Alex Schriver, Isaiah Jackson.

Brad Menz, Willow Creek, #3, 99 yds. Wedge. Witnessees Tom Vaughn, Remigio Mandap and Peter Frank.

Janal Walton, Walker Course, #8, 109 yds. 5 Hybrid. Witnesses Larry Walton, Pete and Janet Santora.