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Upstate ACES  Holes-In-One


Becky Bear, Cherokee Valley Golf Club, #6, 7-iron, 78 yds. Witnessed by Linda Gray, Jane Chase and Lauren Childs.

George Cobb, The Reserve at Lake Keowee, (7th career ace, 2nd in 9 weeks) #16, 114 yds, 8-iron.Witnessed by Steven Hahn and John Endler


Ted Lipscomb, The Creek Golf Club, Double Eagle, #16. Witnessed by Jim Mitchell and Mike Padgett. Aug.

David Hall, Southern Oaks GC, #4, 145 yds. 9-iron. Witnesses, Logan Hall, Kenny Pruitt, David Coleman  Aug

Debbie Hassell, (First Ace) Walker Course, #17, 100 yds, 8-iron. Witnesses, Cheryl Kelly and Kathy Kircher.

Jeff Hunter, Pickens CC, #17, 143 yds, 8-iron. Witnessed by Jamie Reece.

Judge Richard Mattox, (age 86 playing golf for 73 years and made first Hole-in-one) Walker Course, #12, 98 yds, PW. Witnesses, Mike Hehir and Jack McCormac.

Mark Moody, Furman Golf Club, #8, 140 yds. 9-iron.Double Eagle

Greg “Stick” Collins, Pickens CC, (Double Eagle) #18, Driver & 7 Iron. Witnesses, Mark Rowland, Rick Halstead, Dillon Hambree.

Robby Smith, Green Valley CC, #14, 156 yds. 7-iron.

Jason Purucker, Crosswinds, #8, 105 yds, SW. Witnesses, Joe Anderson, Will Thomas

Tim Wilson, Walker Course, #17, 127 yds. 9 – iron, Witnesses, John and Boo Wilson.

Craig Faling, Woodfin Ridge, #15, 140 yds, 6-iron. Witnesses, Thomas Parker and Jamie Street

Sam Belcher, Willow Creek, #12, 8-iron. Witnessed by John Perry.

Greg “Stick” Collins, Pickens CC, Double-Eagle, 18th, 491 yds. Driver – 7 Wood. Witnesses, Mark Rowland, Rick Halstead, Dillon Hambree.

William Jennings, CrossWinds #9, 131 yds, 8-iron. Witnesses, Heyward Jennings, Robert Cassells, Walker and Clayton Jennings.



Tom Inglee made his first ever Hole in One on #17 at The Creek Golf.

Charlie Vaughn, Greer Country Club, #4, 140 yds, 8-iron. Witnessed David Isreal, Ron Robinson, Dan Harvey.

Al Jefferies, The Creek, #17,  His fourth Hole-in-One.

Tom Reeves. Fox Run CC. # 15, 173 yds, 7 iron, Witnessed by Bob Cook, Wes Reeves, Jerry Goodman.

George Cobb, Country Club of Lexington, #2, 121 yds, 7-iron. Cobb’s sixth hole-in-one.

Calahan Keever, Cross Winds Par-3, #10, 145 yds. 9-iron, Witness Aaron Westbury

Ray Rodriguez, Bonnie Brae, #12, 126 yds, PW. Witnessed by Kevin Moore

Bill Matre, Red Bank, NJ. Walker Course, #4, 145 yds, 8-iron. Witnessed by Billy Matre, Jr.

Palmer Pimm, Cross Winds Par-3, #7, 104 yds. SW. Witnessed byPeter Kenneson, Alyson Cotter

Ray Hellings, The Creek Golf Club, #17, 135 yds.


DOUG FOWLER, Carolina Springs, #17, 185 yds, 6-iron. Witnessed by Kevin Carney

PHIL MAKOWSKI, Willow Creek, #3, 139 yds. 8-iron. Witnessed by David Jewell

HAMPTON RANDALL, CrossWinds Par 3, #10, 130 yds. PW. Witnessed by Ben Hopkins

JOYCE R. DOSS, Walker Course at Clemson, #4, 100 yds, PW. Witnesses, Daphne Parker, Kathy Hughes, Kandace Schatz

GARY MCCOOL, Carolina Springs, #13, 156 yds. 6-iron, Witnesses – Harry Marshall, C.T. Page

PETER DORAN,  Southern Oaks, #11, 169 yds. 5-iron.

JEANNE MCCORMICK,  #2, 135 yds. 4-hybrid, Witnesses – Rob McCormick and Brian Wright.

NICK RHODES, Woodfin Ridge, #11, 173 yds. 3-hybrid, Witnessed by Austin Earnhardt.

DEBBIE ABU-EIDEH, Walker Course,  1st ACE, #12, 100 yds. 9-iron. Witnesses Rickey and Sandy Minder

NOAH LAMB, CrossWinds Par 3, #2, 135 yds. 8-iron.


JUERGEN BUCH, Boscobel, #10, 167 yds, 5 wood. Witnesses – Chris Miller, Taylor White, Morgan Deck, Brad Bryce, Will Landry.

LUCAS HASSEY (12 years old) Southern Oaks, #4 Witnesses – Mackey Thomspon, Colby

JIM LUSK, Pickens CC, #11, 178 yds, 5-iron. Witnesses Logan Husk.

BRYANT WELFARE, Carolina Springs, #17.

KIM RUSSELL, Links O’Tryon – #15 100 yds, 6 Iron.

JAMES ROMINES,  Links O Tryon – #7 126 yds, 9 iron.


BO REAM, Thornblade, #9, 176 yds. 6-iron, Witnesses – Bobby Ream, Greg Moore.

CLAYTON TAYLOR, (age 11) Woodfin Ridge, #5, 162 yds, 5-iron, Witnesses – Barry Taylor, Joel and Walter Greer.

ANDY THOMPSON, Saluda Valley, #12, 140 yds. 9-iron, Witnesses Billy Martin, Mike McCoy.

AMBER AMAKER, Woodfin Ridge, #5, 130yds, 7-iron.

JIM CRAIN, Southern Oaks, #11.

Special Recognition to HERB SARGENT of Saluda Valley. Sargent played 347 rounds of golf in 2016


DEAN SMITH, Woodfin Ridge, #11, 7-Hybrid, 116yds. Witnesses Kenny Frey, Martin Arason, Mark Cramer

LARRY WALKER, Links O’Tryon, #7, 8 Iron, 126yds. Witnessed by Jim Abrams, Mike McKinney.

DICK WARGO, Southern Oaks, #13.

SCOTT BOGAN, Southern Oaks #13.

JERRY WINGO, Willow Creek, #3, 7 Iron, 139yds. Witnessed by Wayne Roberts, Curt Hatcher.


RON SLOANE, Woodfin Ridge, #11, 6 Iron, 116yds. Witnessed by Kenny Frey, Martin Arnson, Mark Cramer.