Top Golf Greenville to open this month

The new Top Golf in Greenville is expected to be open by the end of the month.

While an official date and time has not been set Top Golf in Greenville will be open soon.

Media and VIPs got an opportunity to experience the new facility off Pelham Road during a special open house on Wednesday evening.

A full house of over 300 guests enjoyed playing the games, sampling the food and drink and generally soaking up the atmosphere that is expected to make the newest entertainment venue in the Upstate an instant success.

Top Golf describes a destination as well as a game. You can hit golf balls at Top Golf or you can play Top Golf games.

Top Golf is both a destination and a game. The Greenville Top Golf has three levels and over 70 hitting bays.

The signature game at Top Golf lets players score points by hitting balls assigned using  microchip technology into any target. The more accurate a shot and the farther the distance, the more points are earned.

Other games include Quick 9, Top Chip, Top Drive, Top Scramble and Top Score each game allows guests with or without golf skills the opportunity to have fun in the golf venue.

Opportunities for group outings and special events are organized on a similar scale to golf related outings at courses.

The Upstate First Tee received a special opportunity to offer a ticket buyer to their upcoming Kentucky Derby party the chance to be part of the VIP evening at Top Golf. (l-r) Duff Wagner, AnnaLeis Dibert, Matt Sharkey, Michael Pius, and prize winner Ron Hewitt.

One of the first groups to benefit from the new facility and its commitment to be part of the upstate golf community was the First Tee of the Upstate.

Top Golf offered a special invitation for a guest to be part of the open house.

The First Tee offered the opportunity to patrons who purchased tickets to the groups upcoming Kentucky Derby fund raising party at the BMW Zentrum.

(Go to http://www.thefirstteeupstate.org/derby/ for event tickets and details)

Ron Hewitt was the lucky winner of the drawing and enjoyed the open house with other members of the First Tee program.

The staff continues to train to make sure the grand opening goes off without a hitch. If the open house, VIP gathering was any indication the Top Golf staff seems to be just about ready to welcome the general public.

If you removed the hitting bays and golf clubs, the Greenville Top Golf could be a great sports bar or fine restaurant.

When the facility is fully opened golfers will be able to become members just as they would at a golf club or range.

However, the complete range of memberships and features will be added over the first few months of the operation.

An interesting “perk” of a Top Golf membership is that the membership may be used at most similar Top Golf facilities around the country.

The Greenville Top Golf location features three levels of tees and over 70 hitting bays that can accommodate up to six golfers.

With dozens of TVs the area away from the ball striking bays could easily be considered an outstanding sports bar.

Memberships will be available to Top Golf along the lines of memberships to green grass golf clubs and ranges.

The newest location of the more than 50 Top Golf facilities around the country is expected to be open by the end of April, but an official date has yet to be set.

You can follow Greenville Top Golf at https://topgolf.com/us/greenville/




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