Bells win playoff for SCGA Father-Son title

The father-son team of Jeff and Weston Bell won a two hole playoff to claim the SCGA Dudley-Sullivan championship at the Greenville Country Club. (SCGA Photo)

Jeff and Weston Bell got a lot of work done on and off the golf course on Thursday. They teamed up to win the SCGA Dudley-Sullivan Father-Son championship at the Greenville Country Club’s Chanticleer course.

They also turned in a pretty full day at the family business just a few minutes from the golf course.

“We started the day at work around 7 am,” said Weston Bell. “We got to the golf course in time to warm up for our 9:39 tee time and when we finished we went back to work for awhile,” he said.

Between being in the office at Galloway-Bell Insulation the two Easley golfers posted a 2-under par 70 on the scoreboard and then had to wait for the rest of the field to finish..

“We waited around awhile, but there were nine or ten groups left to finish after we finished. We knew we were tied with two other groups, but there were a lot of good teams left to finish up. We decided to go back to work and check the scoring on the internet,” said Weston Bell.

The team of Greenville Country Club’s  Johnny and Will Dennis matched the Bell’s 2-under par 70 as did Chris and Jay Wilkins.

The Bells earned their place in the playoff after avoiding a repeat of their performance in the 2018 Father-Son tournament.

“I think we shot like 84 last year,” joked Bell. “We never got comfortable with the alternate shot format and we played terrible,’ he said.

This year was different as the two golfers used the format to play to their strengths. Weston was long off the tee and Jeff was extremely accurate with his wedges.

“We had a lot of routine short par putts. We only bogeyed one hole, number 13. Last year we took an 8 on a par 3 so we played much better,” said Weston Bell.

When the Bells saw the final groups were finishing they came back to the golf course, hit a few warm up shots on the range and were ready for the playoff.

All three teams had bunker problems on the first playoff hole and each team carded a bogey.

The Dudley-Sullivan championship was decided on the second hole at Chanticleer. (GolfClub Photo)

On the second hole, a 150 yard par 3 over water and into a strong wind both Bells put their tee shots within easy birdie range.

Jeff hit a pitching wedge 15 feet over the pin and spun it back down to a little more than a foot. Weston’s tee shot ended up 10 feet from the pin.

The other four golfers had difficult birdie chances and after they all missed Weston tapped in the winning putt.

The father-son team had won some events when Weston was very young. It took Bell some time to convince his dad they needed to play in the championship.

“We play just about every weekend at Southern Oaks so we know each others game. Dad was really pumped to know that we had teamed up to win,” said Weston Bell.

Weston and his brother Grayson each played college golf and Weston just returned from Bandon Dunes where he and Holly Tree’s Robert Lutomski made match play at the USGA Four-Ball championship.

Before spending most of his usual playing time watching his kids play junior, high school and college golf, Jeff Bell was a frequent winner of club and open tournaments in the Upstate.

“At work he is the boss, but on the golf course we have a great time playing together so getting a win like this is really special for both of us,” said Weston Bell.

The team of Robert and Brent Hoffman edged out two teams for the top spot in Division II. John and Denton Moore tied with Skip and Everett Eynon for second place.

The team of Mike and Scott Burton won the Division III title, Michael and Mason Mitchell won the Divison IV title and Joe and Brant Kennedy finished on top of Division V.

The tournament is named for two South Carolina Hall of Fame golfers from the Greenville club, Charles Dudley and Heyward Sullivan.

Complete scoring available at




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