Upstate Amateur Golf

Gamecocks rule the roost at Woodfin Ridge

The Gamecocks will have their flag flying over Woodfin Ridge for the next year after winning the annual golfing grudge match at the club. Gamecock Captain Cam Fant gets a little help from Clemson Captain Mickey Hambright putting the flag up.

There is no Clemson versus Carolina football game this year, but that doesn’t mean the intense rivalry has taken the year off.

At Woodfin Ridge the annual Tigers versus Gamecocks rivalry was renewed on the golf course as it has been for the last 16 years.

This year the battle to see which school’s flag flies over the club had all the elements that have made the game on the gridiron the biggest event in the Palmetto State.

The Woodfin Ridge Gamecocks edged out the Tigers by one point with the last match on the course deciding the competition.

Gamecock captain Cam Fant and his partner Trey Lowe won the deciding match with a win over his brother Chris Fant and Chris Calahan.

Yes, the rivalry on the golf course divides families just like it does on the football field.

“My brother went to Clemson so he is a Tiger. I got to be a South Carolina fan when Steve Spurrier came along and I’ve stayed a fan, but it has gotten harder the last couple of years,” joked the Gamecock Captain.

The winners at Woodfin Ridge enjoyed a steak dinner while the losers made do with beans and cornbread.

In addition to the honor of keeping the Gamecock flag over the club for the year the winning team enjoyed a steak dinner while the losers made the best of their beans and cornbread.

Some of the losers from Clemson noted the Gamecocks didn’t score 11 points in two of their football games this year and Fant should be considered for the vacant head coaching position.

“I hope they get somebody good, but I don’t think I’m interested in having my name in the hat to replace Will Muschamp,” he chuckled.

Eighty-eight club members and friends played in the most popular annual event at the club near Boiling Springs.

With the win the Gamecocks now have a 9 to 8 lead while the Tigers get to say “wait till next year.”

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