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Q &A with Clemson’s Jacob Bridgeman after Florida win

Clemson’s Jacob Bridgeman led from start to finish to win the Camp Creek Seminole Invitational in Florida.

It was Bridgeman’s second college win. It also gave the Tiger junior back to back wins even though they were seperated by 10 months because of the pandemic.

Bridgeman set a Clemson and course record during the tournament and won the event by 5-shots.

After a 10 hour van trip home, Bridgeman answered a few questions about his winning performance from The Golf Club.

Clemson’s Jacob Bridgeman won the Camp Creek Seminole Invitational to start the spring season (Twitter picture)

The Golf Club – Anything in your practice leading up to the tournament that gave you an indication you could play this well to open the season?

Bridgeman – I wasn’t hitting it that good going into the week, but once I got down there I think I did a good job during the practice round breaking down the course and how to manage it.

The Golf Club – You birdied your second hole and kept going the rest of the first round, once you started did you think you were on a pace for a record setting round?

Bridgeman – I was hitting it good and when I holed out on number 8 from 70 yards for an eagle it took me from 2-under to 4-under. It got me to where I could shoot a low number.

The Golf Club – What made the difference for you in the opening round? Ball striking, putting, etc?

Bridgeman – I was just super focused and knew what I was doing. I didn’t make any silly mistakes and I was really locked in on the greens.

The Golf Club – You shot 8-under in the first round and followed it up with a 6-under in the second round. Besides the 2-shots was there much difference in the way you played the second day?

Bridgeman – I wasn’t as good from the fairway. In the first round I hit all 18 greens and in the second round it could not have been more than 12. I scrambled really well and made every 5 footer to save par. I took advantage of the opportunities I had to attack and which holes I needed to just try to hit it close.

The Golf Club – You didn’t make a bogey in the first or second round and it wasn’t until your 43rd hole that you bogeyed. Had you ever had a streak like that in tournament play before?

Bridgeman – Definitely not. Not even close. I don’t know how it happened. I hit it well off the tee all week, but I pulled that one into the water. I said, wow, I hadn’t had to deal with that yet.

The Golf Club – With a 6-shot lead going into the final round there wasn’t much pressure, so did you play it safe and not be as aggressive as you were in the first two rounds?

Bridgeman – I thought it was easier to play being ahead because a bad swing isn’t going to hurt you, but I actually played more aggressive in the final round. I didn’t have as good as stuff as the first two days and didn’t putt as well. I actually put off the individual race and tried to make as many birdies as I could for the team.

The Golf Club – This was your second win. In fact back to back wins separated by 10 months, what was the difference in this win from your first win in Aiken last March?

Bridgeman – Yeah, you don’t see that every day. I think I played a lot different this week than I did in Aiken. At the Palmetto Club I was more in control of what I wanted to do and didn’t have to worry about course management. I was hitting shots were I wanted them to go. This week I won the tournament by managing the course. I was limited on the shots that I hit and I didn’t have everything I wanted. I managed better.

The Golf Club – You played all three days with your teammates rather than with other team’s competitors. I’m sure there was a difference than the traditional tournament pairings?

Bridgeman – Normally when you are playing with the usual format you can get a feel for what the other teams are doing and how you stand versus the field. Playing with your teammates is what you do every day. You know what you will be getting from them during the round. You don’t get the feedback or feel the competition, but it still was fun. I know Coach Penley liked it, I think it was the first time he was able to see me play an entire round.

The Golf Club – This tournament was made up of only ACC teams. Clemson finished third behind FSU and Wake Forest. You will go back to Florida for the ACC tournament this year. Are you looking forward to playing in Florida and against these teams at the conference tournament?

Bridgeman – I like Florida golf. The last day was really nice we could play in shortsleves. I know we are at a different course for the tournament, but Im sure the weather will be better in April. It should be fun.

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