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Carolina Country Club adds Kevin Britt to staff as PGA teaching professional

Kevin Britt brings a well earned reputation as a top-ranked instructor to the Carolina Country Club. The award winning teacher in effect goes across the street from the Country Club of Spartanburg to his new home at Carolina.

“This is a great opportunity for me to stay in the area and keep working with golfers who really want to improve,” said Britt. “I’m looking forward to all the things we will be able to provide for the members at Carolina,” he said.

Last year Golf Digest named Britt one of the top instructors in South Carolina and the only one who is not on the coast.

While he helps golfers of all ages and abilities to enjoy playing the game more, he has been recognized in recent years for one area of instruction that helps grow the game.

Award winning instructor Kevin Britt joins the staff at the Carolina Country Club in Spartanburg as the PGA Director of Instruction.

Britt has been honored as one of Operation 36’s top 50 coaches for the past two years and received the Carolinas PGA Youth Player Development Award in 2016.

Operation 36 is a unique development program for young golfers that builds confidence in their game from green to the tee rather than the traditional starting point with a tee shot.

“We have some big plans to build a great junior program here at Carolina. We have all the elements needed to do that and by introducing Operation 36 we will have a way for juniors to see their improvement and become regular golfers,” said Britt.

Britt has been helping golfers play better for almost 30 years as an instructor. At Carolina he will be offering individual lessons as well as group sessions and clinics that will be open to non-members.

Bringing in a full time PGA Teaching Professional was the idea of the Carolina Country Club’s new owner Tim Dunlap.

Dunlap bought the course last July and has been making physical changes to elements around the course and clubhouse. Adding a teaching program to the club’s offerings was considered a priority.

“We surveyed our members when we took over and asked them to name some of the things they would like to see at the club,” said Dunlap. “Developing a good instruction program and creating opportunities for juniors came in high on the list,” he said.

Adding Britt as a dedicated PGA Instructor was an important step in upgrading the course and its amenities by the new owner at Carolina.

While developing an instruction program with a nationally recognized instructor like Britt is a benefit for the club and his students, it also extends additional opportunities for more use by members families.

“We are doing many things that will make Carolina a great place to be a member. We recently repaired all the old broken cart paths. We have undergone some beautification programs including a beautiful new bridge on number 9 and we have plans for the clubhouse and further renovations on the course in the near future,” said Dunlap.

But getting more people out to play and enjoy playing is a big part of the reason to bring Britt to Carolina.

“I enjoy teaching golfers who want to get better. If I can help a 30 handicapper get their score down into the teens that is as satisfying as helping a junior get good enough to earn a college scholarship,” he said.

While teaching in Columbia, Britt helped a teenage Dustin Johnson begin his road to the World #1 ranking.

Britt has excelled at starting many very successful golfers on their road to college golf and in a few cases a professional career after.

Britt’s most famous association was with Dustin Johnson. The 2020 Masters Champion was a “range rat” at one of Britt’s teaching stops in Columbia where he helped Johnson start his journey to the #1 ranking in the world.

Other golfers who have benefited from spending some of their developmental time with Britt include a pair of college golfers who earned top national honors. Lauren Stephenson and most recently Natalie Srinivasan each worked with Britt for a time.

Over the years Britt’s junior students have earned 85 college scholarships. His roster of current students includes college golfers from Clemson, Wofford, Furman, College of Charleston and USC Upstate to name a few.

Recently Britt has been helping PGA Tour member William McGirt as he recovers from an injury that has limited his play on Tour for the last couple of years.

Moving across town was not an easy decision for Britt after building a junior program during the last three years at Spartanburg.

“It was a difficult decision because of the great relationships I have built with so many members at the club and the staff. I will cherish their friendship,” he said.

The opportunity to lead the instruction program at Carolina will allow Britt to work with more golfers than just club members.

“Our instruction program will be open to non-members as well as members. We have a great practice facility here and a very challenging golf course. My hope is that by bringing in some golfers for instruction they will see the great club we have and become members,” he added.

Britt has been helping PGA Tour veteran William McGirt as he works his way back to full time status on the PGA Tour after being limited by an injury.

Britt will spend his first month at Carolina giving individual lessons and setting up group programs and clinics that are expected to start in March.

Britt can be reached through his website at or through the Carolina Country Club at 864-583-1246.

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