Brad Sill opens a custom fitting studio

Ask any golfer of any skill level of any age and they will tell you there is nothing like seeing a really good golf shot fly towards its target.

Brad Sill would see that excitement at his Golf Center on Spartanburg’s Westside every day as golfers would practice on the range. They would empty bucket after bucket trying to grove their swing to hit more of those really good golf shots.

And he wanted to help them accomplish their goals.

Sill has operated the range off Reidville Road at Oak Grove Road for 8 years.

As a high school golfer, Sill played at Dorman. He went on to play at USC Upstate and since finishing his days with the Spartans he has occasionally played in professional events and Monday qualified into a PGA Tour event.

Brad Sill has expanded the services he offers at his Golf Center on the Westside of Spartanburg to include custom fitting with Trackman.

Sill would like to see all golfers develop their game to meet their expectations and with that in mind has made a major investment at his Golf Center.

“One way to play better and hit more good golf shots is to have your clubs custom fitted. Sometimes a bad golf shot isn’t the fault of the golfer, it can be the clubs they are using,” he offered.

To take a first step towards helping golfers hit more good shots Sill has added a complete custom fitting center.

The new custom fitting studio at Sill’s Golf Center includes two indoor hitting bays which are used with the Trackman to fit golfers and also can be used for lessons in any weather.

The building has two hitting bays that open to the range. It allows for an all-weather location to do club fitting and instruction with the advantage of seeing those good golf shots fly.

“When I decided to add this building, the main idea was so golfers could see their shots down the range.  Hitting into a net or a simulator is fine if that is all you can do, but adding the ability to see the shot in the air adds confidence to the fitting process,” he believes.

Club fitting has come a long way from a scuff board and a tape measure. The technology today is reliable and understandable and expected when golfers want to play better.

Golfers want to know about club speed, spin rate, launch angle, smash factor, carry and ball speed and there is only one tool available to answer all those questions.

“I knew when I decided to do custom fitting that we had to get Trackman. It is something everyone knows is the best  and most accurate tool we can use to help golfers get their clubs fitted properly,” he said.

The combination of the technology offered by Trackman with the ability to see the ball fly off the custom fitted club gives Sill’s Golf Center the opportunity to offer something that isn’t readily available at many golf locations in the Upstate.

“I think the combination of Trackman and the range gives us an advantage we can offer to golfers for fittings. It also is a tool we can use for instruction,” he added.

Sill is joined by Jimmy Shaw who is the new fitting and teaching instructor at his Golf Center off Reidville Road on the West side of Spartanburg.

Jimmy Shaw is the new fitting and teaching instructor at the Center. The former Presbyterian College golfer and mini-tour professional offers instruction using Trackman. 

Shaw was most recently the Director of Instruction at the Carolina Country Club. Since leaving professional competition, Shaw has been concentrating on helping golfers play better and at the Sill  Golf Center he now has all the tools.

“We are Trackman knowledgeable and can use that experience to help golfers get the right fit they need to play better,” he said. “We have most major manufacturers equipment so we can fit golfers with the right clubs, right here,” said Shaw.

Sill can fit Ping, Taylor Made, Callaway, Cleveland, Srixon and Wilson clubs. 

“We also fit golf balls. Often the right combination of properly fit clubs perform better with a ball that matches the club. We can help golfers put together the right combination,” Shaw added.

While every new driver or club set should be custom fit, golfers can bring in their clubs to be evaluated and adjusted.

“For golfers who like their existing clubs and want to make sure they are working for them. We can check any club or a whole bag and then they don’t have to go to a golf course to see their ball fly, they can see it here,” Sill said.

The Golf Center range is open every day from 9 am to 9 pm. Golfers can park next to the range and be just steps from the tee.

Lessons and custom fitting are by appointment. Golfers can reach the Golf Center at 864- 327-2788. 

Sill can be reached by email at bradsill@yahoo.com. Shaw’s phone number is 405-464-2107.

The indoor fitting studio offers clubs from all major manufacturers and use Trackman to not only fit new clubs, but can also fit and adjust golfers current clubs.

In addition to Sill and Shaw, veteran PGA teaching professional Phil Cassidy provides instruction for beginners, boys and girls, women and any golfer who wants to improve at the Golf Center.

“I think we can help golfers hit those really good shots, play better and enjoy the game more,” concluded Sill. 

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