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City of Greer to buy Greer Country Club

The future of the Greer Country Club has been the subject of rumors and whispers for over a year.

On Wednesday the Greer City Council, by a 5-1 vote, agreed to acquire the 64 year old golf course and club on Gap Creek Road in Greer.

The city is not buying the club, instead it is taking over the debt and the assets of the club.

While the vote clears the way for the acquisition it likely will be after the first of the year before all the papers are signed.

City administrator Ed Driggers told the Greer Citizen the council wanted to protect the land.

“It is our intent to continue to operate that as a golf course,” said Driggers, “but it will be a municipal golf course. We hope we can do that successfully. If we can’t then council would have to make future decision about what that could possibly mean,” he said.

Several area golf course operators had been invited to consider buying the course during the last year and a half.

Two of the prospective buyers said they believed the course could be successful once again, but the large amount of debt the club accepted when it built the new clubhouse would limit profitability.

Many of the rumors suggested that the course would be converted into a residential development with the existing clubhouse and pool being offered as an incentive to home builders.

Members of the current staff have said they do not expect any immediate changes between now and the official acceptance of the Country Club by the city in January.

Thanks to the Greer Citizen for story information.

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