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Biershenk and Grumbles team up to win Spring two-man

Robbie Biershenk and Shane Grumbles have been on their share of top finishing teams in Upstate two-man tournaments. The first time the two teamed up they won the Spring Two-Man at Legacy Pines. (GolfClub Photo)

It is not unusual to find a Biershenk or a Grumbles on a leader board at an Upstate weekend golf tournament.

It is unusual, in fact it never happened before, to find a Biershenk and Grumbles on the same team in a 2-man event.

‘Shane (Grumbles) and I play some golf together, but this was the first time we teamed up in a tournament like this two-man,” said Biershenk.

” I wasn’t going to play and then Robbie’s partner couldn’t play and I guess I might have been the fifth or sixth guy he asked,” joked Grumbles.

Robbie Biershenk teamed up with Shane Gumbles to win the Spring Two-Man Championship at Legacy Pines. (GolfClub Photo)

The two teamed up to survive a playoff and claim the win at the Spring Upstate Two-Man championship played at Legacy Pines in Mauldin.

Tyler Burdine and Levi Moody opened the 36 hole mixed format event by shooting a 13-under par 59 .

The team of Biershenk and Grumbles along with the team of Joseph Fuller and Jonah Smith were 1-shot back after shooting a first round 60.

While there were several other teams within a couple of shots of the lead when Fuller and Smith fell back in the final round it became a two team battle.

As the tournament moved through the final nine holes, neither team was sure of how they stood.

“Our electronic scorer wasn’t working and we went to the last couple of holes thinking we were down a shot,” said Biershenk.

Biershenk drove the 18th green and put his team within 40 feet of a possible eagle.

“We were thinking we had to make it to catch up and go up by one, because this likely would be a birdie hole for them too,” (Burdine and Moody) said Grumbles.

Both Grumbles and Biershenk had to settle for a birdie after missing their long eagle putts and thinking, they at best, were even.

Without the help of the scoring system the reverse was actually what was happening.

Tyler Burdine helps Levi Moody line up a birdie putt in the final round of the Spring Upstate Two-Man Championship a Legacy Pines. (Golf Club Photo)

Burdine and Moody were one back and their birdie on 17 temporarily tied them with Biershenk and Grumbles.

Playing in the final group of the day Burdine and Moody birded the last hole to force a playoff.

“I had eagled the playoff hole (number 1) during the round, but the grass grew enough to make the break of the green much different than in the morning,” said Grumbes.

Both teams were in position to putt for eagles after exceptional drives.

Moody had a 40 foot chance that came up a few feet short, while Grumbles and Biershenk could not convert from the 10 – 15 foot range.

“We thought we each made our putt, but there was just enough grain near the hole to spin our putts away.” said Grumbles.

Both of their eagle attempts were on the same line as Moody’s birdie putt would travel.

Trying to go to school on the late break both Biershenk and Grumbles putts took near the hole, Moody gave it a little extra juice to attempt to take some of the break out of the putt.

Shane Grumbles teamed with Biershenk to win the Spring Two-Man Championship in a sudden-death playoff at Legacy Pies. (GolfClub Photo)

His putt looked good until it didn’t. Moody’s putt rimmed out and Biershenk and Grumbles won the Spring Two Man title.

“Robbie just hits the ball so well it always gives his partner the knowledge that he is going to be in great position off the tee,” said Grumbles.

Biershenk returned the compliment to his teammate when he said, “Shane is so consistent. I know I can let it out and if I get in trouble he will still be in play,” he said.

Biershenk has now won or had high finishes in several of the Two-Man weekend events in the Upstate ths year.

If you thought it was his power off the tee that made the difference, he would disagree.

“It’s recruiting,” he laughed. “When I can get a partner who can let me swing away, like Shane did today, we can put together a pretty good scores.

Over the weekend the winning team carded 16 birdies and 3 eagles.

Third place was a tie between Fuller and Smith and the team of Mark Torres and Jacob Burgess who matched their opening round 64 in the second round to climb four spot into the tie for third.

Flight winners included:First Flight – Paul Donner and Phil Hewlitt, Second Flight – Duane Barnes and Benji McCall, Third Flight – Michael Kirkland and McKenenzie Barringer, Fourth Flight – Tim and Dennis Schwabb.

Upstate Spring Two-Man scores


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