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No slow season for the crew at Boscobel

Boscobel’s superintendent Will Landry has been busy leading the Course Management team during the winter to make infrastructure improvements that were needed at The Bel, but likely will not be noticed by golfers. (Boscobel Photo)

Redesigning a hole or changing the shape of a green are noticeable projects at golf courses, but it is often the work that no one sees can make the biggest difference.

Most year’s the grounds and greens crew get a few months during the winter to work on special projects that are more difficult to get accomplished when golfers fill all the tee times.

This past winter has been mild and with the exception of a week or two in early December golf courses have been almost as busy as they are at the peak of the golf season.

Will Landry, Boscobel’s superintendent has been leading the club’s Course Management team’s effort to make those kind of improvements at the course during the winter.

It is hard work that doesn’t get noticed, but it is vital to the success of the club.

“We’ve had a few projects that have been successful and a couple that we are still working on,” said Landry.

Air flow and sunshine help keep the Boscobel bent grass greens among the best in the Upstate. Tree trimming goes on just about all year. (Boscobel Photo)

Improving irrigation, tree removal, and cleaning up the brush off the fairways are several projects that are more difficult to do during the peak playing periods of the year.

However, at Boscobel there isn’t much difference between the peak spring season and the rest of the year.

“We stay pretty busy year round,” said Jon Guenthner, one of the owners and the general manager of the course.

“We have been blessed to have loyal members and guests and we want to do everything we can to make playing here an enjoyable experience,” he said.

Under previous owner Joey Herbert, the course has always enjoyed an excellent reputation for its bent grass greens and challenging layout.

Since Guenthner and co-owner Coby Gambrel took over, the two have been transforming the semi-private club by adding in the amenities and member activities enjoyed at private clubs.

It has not been without some bumps in the road and Guenthner is grateful for the understanding Boscobel members and guest showed with their support.

“We have loyal members who understood our situation and are supportive and in return we work every day to make playing here better,” he said.

The boom golf has enjoyed since the pandemic has meant Boscobel has been able to put some of the growth back into the course.

Food trucks are often part of the amenities at Boscobel. The club beings in the trucks as part of a tournament or event or just another day for the members and guests to enjoy. (Boscobel Photo)
The club house at The Bel has been supplemented by the addition of a patio. A fire pit, outdoor seating and repurposing an old shopping container to act as a bar and help with food service. (Boscobel Photo)

The club has added an outside hospitality area, using an old shipping container and dressing out the patio.

Guenthner has also added a number of special events, with food trucks and member gatherings, to make the semi-private course feel more like a member club.

“But all the extras would not matter if we didn’t have a great staff. We are fortunate to have a phenomenal team that works extremely well together,” he said.

Even with the additional amenities, events and customer service Guenthner has brought to Boscobel, it is still the course that draws golfers.

And that is where Boscobel may have a secret weapon in its superintendent.

Landry is not just a superintendent, but he is also an above average golfer and that helps him with his day job.

“I think I’m able to see what needs to be done as the superintendent, but I also see what golfers see and I can put the two together,” he said.

Most area golfers think the new season starts at the same time as the Masters, so Landry has a few more weeks to finish up a busy off season.

“I don’t think any superintendent is ever finished with everything they want to do at their course, but we have done a lot that will help golfers continue to enjoy playing here,” concluded Landry

Additional information about Boscobel, is available on the club’s website at

The fairways and greens at The Bel have been in great condition all winter long. The crew spent time cleaning out the brush just off the fairway to give golfers who hit it side-ways a chance to find their ball. (Boscobel Photo)

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