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Thompson gets his PGA Tour card

Thompson was presented his PGA Tour card after the regular seasons final event in Portland.

Kyle Thompson has accomplished one goal this season and there are still more opportunities ahead for the USC grad.

Thompson got his PGA Tour card as a member of the top-25 on the Tour. He finished seventh in the season long points race and will return to the big Tour later this year.

“Courtesy cars, great food and day care, not in any particular order,” joked Thompson when asked what he was looking forward to.

Kyle Thompson will be on the PGA Tour next year after finishing seventh on this year’s Tour.

This will be his third trip to the PGA Tour. He graduated to the big Tour after the 2008 and 2011 season. At 38 years old Thompson believes he is a better player today than when he started his professional career after setting Gamecock golf records.

“I don’t want to predict the future, but I am a much better all around player,” he said. “I can hang my hat on my short game. Chipping and putting are my strengths now and they used to be a weakness. It should pay dividends in the upcoming year,” he said.

Not every successful PGA Tour professional comes straight out of college and makes it big on the Tour. Thompson has experienced the highs and lows of a professional golfer.

A couple of years ago he came very close to giving up the dream of playing on the PGA Tour. Just before he dove into the want ads looking for work he won the Rex Hospital Classic for the third time and the victory started him back on the road to the Tour.

“I’m just in a much better place right now. With my game and with my family. When I won early in the year I knew I had it pretty much locked up and now I want to see if I can improve on my position in the standings,” said Thompson.

Kyle Thompson is hoping the third time is the charm for his return to the PGA Tour.

During September the Tour will play four events, their version of the playoffs. If Thompson can play well during the next month he can move up from seventh. If he could get to the number one spot it would change the way he sets up his year on the Tour.

Kyle Thompson played in his first Tour (then the Nike Tour) event at Verdae in Greenville almost 20 years ago. Thompson was a high school senior at Easley.

“The higher up you are the more opportunities you have. If you get to number one you don’t get reshuffled and you get to play in a lot more events like The Players Championship. I will have a good idea of what my schedule will look like at the end of the month,” said the former Easley High School star.

This year on the Tour Thompson recorded a win, four top-ten finishes and earned $266,312. He qualified and played in the US Open.

No matter what happens in the next four weeks Thompson expects to be on the tee when the new PGA Tour season starts at the Safeway Open in Napa, California next month.

“I hope to get a lot of starts in the fall and play well to get the year going. Everyone in my family is excited that I have this chance and I’m looking forward to being back on the PGA Tour,” concluded Thompson.

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